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Infinity Tombstone Prone Surf Foil Board

Infinity Tombstone Prone Surf Foil Board


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Infinity Tombstone Prone Surf Foil Board


Tombstone Foil Surf

Foil boards have progressed quickly in the last 12 months and avid foilers know they need a quiver of boards now. We custom build them to meet the specs of each rider. Short thick wide ones for surfing, tow ats, and behind the boat. Longer ones for those long paddles back out to the line up and SUP applications.

You can retro fit any surfboard to a foilboard but we have learned there are specific design attributes to help you catch waves easier, more forgiving when “touch downs” occur, volume distribution to compensate for the weight of the foil, and correct angle of attack from foil to board.

About Infinity

Infinity have been building surfboards since the 1970s. They are a family run business out of Dana Point, California. One thing that has always set them apart has been their willingness to build all kinds of watercraft and not being limited to just surfboards. Whether that meant tandem boards or wave skis in the early days, or today SUPs and Foil boards. Their designs have always been about pushing limits and they have always loved making boards fast.