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SIC Bullet Air 14 x 28.5 (FSTx2)

SIC Bullet Air 14 x 28.5 (FSTx2)


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SIC Bullet Air 14 x 28.5 (FSTx2)

The Bullet Air is one of the market's stiffest and lightest downwind inflatable boards that does not skimp on performance.

The Bullet Air touring and downwind boards utilize Fusion Skin Technology and are designed with a dual air chamber system called FSTX2. Double chambers mean you have a fallback if you have a problem with one of them on the water.

The double chamber system is safer and makes the board even stiffer than a single chamber board. The internal chamber is first pumped to 12 psi, while the outer chamber should be pumped to 15 psi.

The Fusion Skin Technology (FST) is used on both the external and inner bladder, making these some of the stiffest and safest boards on the market. Now you have compact performance and safety all in one board. This board also complies with many of the new regulations for offshore paddling.



  • 1x Inflatable Bullet board
  • 1x Dual-action pump
  • 1x 9.0” Weedless fin (nylon)
  • 1x Repair kit with fin screw + plate
  • 1x Wheelie backpack
  • 1x Leash


Like many a master shaper Mark Raaphorst did his time and paid his dues before setting up his own repair shop. He got hooked on SUP as soon as they started to appear on Maui and he very quickly found a way to combine his knowledge of moulded technology with his new passion. Before long SIC boards were winning almost every race they entered.