5 Reasons Autumn is our favourite season for Wind and Waves

5 Reasons Autumn is our favourite season for Wind and Waves

As well as being the most aesthetically pleasing time of year, autumn is a great time to be out there enjoying the water. It has long been a favourite time of year for surfers and wind sport enthusiasts.

1 - More wind - as the jet stream strengthens and low pressure systems develop so does the average wind strength. This is perfect after a long, hot, windless summer.

2 -  More waves - Summers are known for the long flat spells, but as storms start hitting the Atlantic, the swells get more common and larger. For us, waves are what keep us interested.

3 - Less crowded - school holidays are done, the bucket and spade brigade have no interest in beaches once it is colder. This means the car parks are less busy, the access roads are quieter, and you actually have space to rig up.

4 - Mild temperatures - the sea has had all summer to warm up and this means it is pretty mild in autumn, even when the air temps drop. It means that long hours in the sea are still possible. Hanging out around the van after sessions is also comfortable unlike winter when you just want to get home.

5 - More sunsets sessions - It is hard work getting those sunset sessions in when it is not dark till 10pm in summer. Likewise in winter when it is dark by 4pm, it is hard to get out there before its dark! Autumn hits the perfect balance!

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