SUP - Paddles

SUP Paddles come in many different shapes and sizes and price points. As prices go up, so typically does the amount of carbon. Lighter and stiffer paddles are the way to go for more efficient paddling. Blade size and stiffness are also related to your strength and bodyweight and discipline. If you are sprinting, like paddling into a wave, then a smaller blade, allowing a higher cadence is preferred.  

Paddles come as 1pc, 2pc or 3pc designs. A 1 piece paddle is a fixed length and are cut and glued. 2 piece paddles are similar to a fixed length paddle, in that most of the paddle is one piece, but then the handle is adjustable. These are very versatile if you can only have one paddle. 3 piece designs are best for those with space limitations. They pair well with inflatable paddle boards, but also as a backup paddle when touring, or for travelling.

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