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TAHE SUP-YAK Beach Paddle Alu 200

TAHE SUP-YAK Beach Paddle Alu 200


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TAHE SUP-YAK Beach Paddle Alu 200

A recreational Sup-Yak paddle


Sup-Yak Paddle


Model: SUP-YAK
Shaft Material: Aluminium
Paddle Grip: Fibrylon T-Grip
Shaft Type: Round
Adjusting system: Twist Lock
Paddle Length: 200 cm
Blade width: 7.25" / 185 mm
Country of Manufacture: China
Paddle Material: Aluminium - Polycarbonate
Shaft length: 79" / 200 CM
Shaft diameter: 30 mm
Blade material:Fibrylon
Blade angle: 10.5°
Blade Area: 90 in² / 575 cm²
Blade length: 17.5" / 445 mm



About TAHE

Formerly known as BIC Sport – TAHE’s core values of quality, durability and affordability form the foundation of the brand’s reputation and has opened the world of watersports to hundreds of thousands of watersports enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and those simply happy to spend time out on the water enjoying nature.