Infinity Whiplash - Everything you need to know about Hollow Carbon SUPs

Infinity Whiplash - Everything you need to know about Hollow Carbon SUPs

The all new Infinity Whiplash in the Hollow Carbon construction has been a hit this summer. This is the ultimate flat water race board. Everything is designed with performance in mind. The shape is all about channelling water to aid speed and stability, then creating the most effective release possible. The hollow construction has also allowed the standing area to be made as wide as possible.

How does Hollow Carbon Construction work?

This is a good question, and one that is a pretty tightly guarded secret by the factories. The basic concept however is that the top, and bottom of the board are moulded separately. They include stringers which run the length of the board for stiffness. Once the two parts are done, they are put together. The side rails are the only parts where the top and the bottom overlap, then is then finished with another layer of carbon. Where the two moulded pieces overlap on the siderails, creates very strong rails, and provides a lot of the boards rigidity.

Are Hollow Carbon boards super light?

Whilst there is no foam core, which saves a lot of weight, this has to be made up for by the stringers. So whilst hollow boards are very light, the weight is pretty comparable to full carbon boards with a foam core.

What else is different?

The breather valve is an obvious one. As there is a lot of air inside a hollow board, then it needs to breathe a lot more. It will be more susceptible to big changes in temperature. If it is left in the sun for a long period, do not put it straight into cold water as that will cause a large pressure difference. If you get water stuck inside the board - it will slosh about, so it is important not to remove that breather valve.

Does it feel different to a normal race board?

It does! It feels lighter on the water and more corky/buoyant. This means that when you put down the power, the board springs back more, creating a lot of energy. This aids the key purpose of the whiplash - all out flat water performance.

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Infinity Whiplash Hollow Carbon

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