Ozone Light Wind Wings Compared

Ozone Light Wind Wings Compared

Ozone have just launched their dedicated lightwind wing the Liteforce. As they say this is for riders who want to score the most riding time possible with the least amount of complication. Summer in the UK is characterised by sea breezes and generally lighter conditions than the big weather fronts we get in colder months. These days after often very pleasant with cleaner water conditions and long evenings. One of the downsides of lighter conditions and larger wings has always been handling, but the new Liteforce boats impressive handling agility for such large wings.   

Other big wings in the Ozone range include the Fly and the Flux. Here are some comparisons to help you choose the right model for you:


 The Liteforce is quite similar in profile and shape to the Fly, but is:

  • More performance oriented with stiffer and lighter weight dacron material on the leading edge and strut (like the Flux).
  • The Liteforce also has rigid carbon handles (the Fly has soft handles), so has a more connected feel, but also offers more hand control, especially when the wind is very light.
  • The Fly is cheaper thanks to its paired down construction and soft handles.


  • The Liteforce wings have more pure low end grunt for easy power generation in light winds.
  • The Liteforce wings also have less span than the Flux from tip-to-tip which makes it easier to prevent the tips touching the water.
  • The Flux is a more performance-inspired design, capable of higher top speeds and tighter upwind riding angles, but will take a more developed technique to pump the Flux for power in very light winds.

For most people we feel the Liteforce is a no brainer if you are looking for something fun to use in lighter conditions, especially if your focus is cruising and riding waves. If you are looking for all out performance and racing, then the Flux is probably the one for you.

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