Brand Focus: Sooruz Wetsuits

Brand Focus: Sooruz Wetsuits

Hailing from across the water in La Rochelle, France, Sooruz have been building wetsuits and neoprene accessories since 1999 and aim to cater for all disciplines of water users. Here at New Rock Surf we get involved with a lot of different water based disciplines - and having a wetsuit brand that caters for it all was super important to us.

We have 50N rated impact vests for wakeboarding and winging, wind sport focused wetsuits, hoods, boots and gloves for winter surfing, and boardies for the summertime - everything you could possibly need!

Very early into their journey, Sooruz started taking the environmental concerns of their chosen industry into account, and have become very aware of the impacts of using petroleum based neoprene along with the glues and polyesters that hold wetsuits together. This became a key part of their identity.

They began experimenting - firstly with bamboo and recycled polyester, then with Yulex©, based on waste-free, clean and sustainable natural guayule. Move forward to 2021 and they've introduced their innovative Oysterprene material into the bulk of their wetsuit range, including the Guru, Fighter, Divine and Fly+. 

The process of making the Bioprene and Oysterprene material consists of replacing the limestone with a natural, recycled and renewable product made from grinding oyster shells. Bioprene is the most eco friendly recipe, with a mixture of Oyster shell powder, sugar cane, none food seeds and natural rubber. Oysterprene has a slightly different recipe of ingredients, but allows for a huge amount of flexibility to maintain the highest performance on the water without any additional cost. Learn more about Oysterprene.

We've been using a variety of the Sooruz suits for nearly three years now and we're happy to say they've held up fantastically well to the multi discipline scrutiny we put them through. We've been using the 6/5/4 hooded Guru+ in the depths of winter along with Sooruz 5mm boots and gloves, the 4/3 GuruPro's through the shoulder seasons and the Fighter 3/2 spring suits through the summertime. We couldn't be happier with how they've all performed!

Check out the full collection of Sooruz here.


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