Essential Wetsuit Accessories for any Surfer

Essential Wetsuit Accessories for any Surfer

It does not matter whether we are talking surfers, kitesurfers, paddleboarders or anything else. As long as they are going in the sea, wearing a wetsuit, this is a list of key accessories for them.

Transporting a wetsuit

For us this means a dry bag, or a dry bucket of some description. There are plenty of options but our most popular is the Surflogic Dry Bucket. Available in a load of colours, it has plenty of space inside, and its open top design makes it easy to chuck stuff in it. It will easily fit any wetsuit plus boots, gloves etc. 

Surflogic Dry Bucket

Other options include the classic roll top tube bags, in various sizes and configurations. Surflogic also have an innovative design which has a double bottom, allowing the sand and debris to be trapped away from the wetsuit. See our full range of waterproof bags and buckets. 

Storing and Drying

Lets start with drying. Some kind of hanger makes sense. If you fold a wetsuit in half the water has less distance to travel than if you had it hung with the hanger through the neck. We love the classic Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger (with the carabiner). They are bombproof, versatile and easy to use. We also like the separate Wetsuit Accessories Hanger - this can be hung, or used freestanding, which is ideal for putting your boots indoors to help them dry quicker. There are a whole load of different variations on the hanger, each have their pros and cons. There are also suction hooks, and magnetic hooks to support them whilst away in the van etc. Take a look at the whole range of wetsuit drying accessories.

Wetsuit Drying Accessories

If speed is of the essence, then the Pro Wetsuit Dryer is the only way to go. Think wetsuit hanger, with high powered hair dryer built into it. It pumps hot air through your wetsuit helping get it dry as fast as possible. It automatically turns itself off after an hour. There is also an optional bag to use it with your boots, gloves, hood

Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer

In terms of storage - keeping the wetsuit hung up is key. Which hanger you use, is really personal preference!

Change Mats

Mats to get changed on are definitely a luxury, but quite frankly, standing in a puddle ridden gravel car park trying to get a wetsuit on or off is bad enough without the sharp stones. The classic wetsuit change mat does the job and doubles as a bucket to transport your wet stuff home in. If you are looking for a little more luxury in life, take a look at the neoprene change mat, or the grass mat

Wetsuit Change Mats

That is about it as far as essential wetsuit accessories go. The one thing we would add is that if you are looking for a gift for the surfer in your life, and they do not currently wear ear plugs whilst in the water, then please read our 4 good reasons why you should always wear ear plugs in the water. Surfer's ear is no joke!


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