Ozone EDGE V11 - The Best Kite for Big Air?

Ozone EDGE V11 - The Best Kite for Big Air?

After watching the incredible performance of Jamie Overbeek at the 2022 Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town, it really showed that the Ozone EDGE V11 is an incredible big air kite. Jamie was consistently boosting higher than most other competitors and performing powered loops. Despite challenging water conditions and wild wind speeds, the performance was still accessible. In order to perform well in these types of conditions, the kite needs to be forgiving. 

What makes the EDGE V11 a great big air kite?

The 5 strut design gives the kite stability and huge depower. More struts provide more leverage on the canopy to control the angle of attack. This ability to control angle of attack gives the kite a massive depower range - essential for holding the kite down and keeping a good edge before pulling in the bar and releasing that tension. The reduced distance between the struts also keeps the sail tension tight, this makes power delivery smooth.

The high aspect ratio provides a lot of the performance, allowing the kite to generate more lift. Essential for going really high! On top of this the relatively flat profile of the EDGE means more of the canopy is exposed to the wind than on a more C-shaped kite.

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Photo: Craig Kolesky / Red Bull content pool


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