Ozone V5 Bars and V2 Line sets - What is new?

Ozone V5 Bars and V2 Line sets - What is new?

 Ozone have just launched their new V5 bar range and we have managed to get out and ride on them and figure out what is the same and what is different. It would be fair to say that the new V5 control systems are an update rather than a completely new bar. 

Ozone Contact V5 Bar

The Chickenloop

If we start at the bottom with the chickenloop, then there is no change at all here. It is the same click in loop which launched a few years ago. It is a nice simple loop and the click in system works great with sliding rope harnesses. The flag out line and swivel are also the same.

The Bar and Floats

These have been updated but use the same bar core and eyelet. There is a totally new grip with new colourways. We like having the classic red and blue colouring to show left and right clearly. The grey looks good too. It felt plenty comfortable and seems durable. The bar ends and floats look pretty much the same but in grey. There is still the ability to adjust the length of the rear lines with the knots under the floats.

The Trimmer

Ozone have been using the same ClamCleats for years and they just work. Rarely are there any issues with slipping. The big change here is that they have  done away with the neoprene cover and replaced the clamcleat base. The covers looked a bit ragged after a while so we will not miss those. The upgraded cleat base looks sleak and does not need to be covered. This improvement will be very welcome by big air riders and heavier kiters who put a lot of load through the bar and had been known to damage the old model.

V2 Line Sets

Ozone moved onto the new bio based lines last year - they are the black and white front lines. All line sets are precision cut, pre-stretched, spliced and sewn by Ozone at their factory. The big change with the V2 fly line sets is that they are now modular. In simple terms, the lines are just spliced into loops, so the pigtails are removable. This makes it a lot easier to add extensions as you dont have to take the lines off the bar like you used to. If you are using different brands with different pigtails on the kites it also makes it easier to make adjustments. 

Ozone Pigtails

The other major change with the V5 bar is the new line length recommendations. Historically Ozone have recommended 25m lines for most of their kites, this has been updated to 23m. 

The Variations

We have been talking generally about the V5 Control System - there are of course a number of different configurations available. We have listed these below:

  • Ozone Contact Water V5 Control System - this is the standard bar set up used for most tube kites. It is the basis for all the other set ups.
  • Ozone Wakestyle V5 Control System - based on the standard contact bar but with a shorter depower throw and with a large loop.
  • Ozone Compact V5 Control System - features a shorter throw like the wakestyle bar, but with a small loop. Ideal for kids and riders with a shorter reach.
  • Ozone Foil Contact V5 Control System - the same set up as the Contact Water bar, but with an added foil brake handle.
  • Ozone Race V5 Control System - features a longer depower throw, a double pulley trim system, and a small loop.
  • Ozone Foil Race V5 Control System - is the same as the race bar but with an added foil brake handle.
  • There are further variations for snowkites.


There is no need to run out and swap all your existing Ozone bars. This is no gamechanger unless you were one of the few having issues with the old cleat base. It is a nice upgrade though and you will be happy with it. The biggest improvement for us is in the new modular lines making using line extensions as simple as it can be. The grip is a nice change and seems more durable too. It feels good in the hand too which is what matters with bars.

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