SIC Race Board Sale

SIC Race Board Sale

SIC are in the process of tweaking a few shapes ready for the 2024 season, and so the 2023 range is up for grabs at bargain prices. We have stock of the RS, Atlantis and XRS in limited sizes and we're keen to get them into the hands of racers in time for their winter racing and training.

The RS

The stalwart, All-water model sitting at the head of the family - this model has won multiple titles and has been a massively popular model around the UK since its inception as the Original SIC raceboard. A definite flat water bias here with this model but still capable of rolling with the punches in the rough if needed. If you're after one board to do it all, this is the way to go.

We've only got 1x 14x26 left!


The Atlantis

An open water specific board that excels in the ocean. This board is most suited for those of you living on the coast who may well only occasionally paddle inland and are maybe even dabbling in the downwind discipline.

A tad more volume and rocker with a deeper dugout deck all help stability in wilder conditions which allows you to increase speed or just keep going longer without fatigue! 

This model was the first to feature the Venturi drain to shed water from the cockpit - we're sure to see this come back for next year as it was massively popular.


The newest race shape in the line up and a stand out design thats had a lot of people talking in 2023. A massive dugout with tonnes of volume and a square back end for release allows for maximum acceleration. While a flat rocker line allows for maximum water line length for massive glide. This board is a master of flat water - perfect for those of you training and racing in rivers, lakes or estuaries around the country.

The extra volume and high sides can make this board suitable for bigger riders who are capable of controlling those elements when the cross wind picks up. But don't be fooled, those same design elements allow you to size down fairly thin for increased speed across long distances and acceleration off the line. Especially when the bulk of this boards life is going to be spent on flat water, where chop and waves are less likely to tip you off. The 20 inch is used by the elite, but the 22 is a very capable paddle machine for those who aren't focussing on racing every weekend.

The XRS shape is only being revised slightly for 2024, so this is a banging opportunity to get a bargain on a speed demon.

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