The Ozone Wing Family Explained

The Ozone Wing Family Explained

Rewind back to Robbie Naish releasing the first ever 'Wind Wing' in 2019 - all we were ever going to supposedly need was a 4m, and a range of models seemed unnecessary. Ozone released the first iteration of the Wasp and all was good in the world. Fast forward 5 years and the range of models has increased massively from each brand, with each model available in a huge range of sizes. Deciding what you as a customer need to start your journey into Winging, or progressing into different disciplines takes some figuring out!

All Ozone's wing models will get you out on the water flying, but some may be pitted slightly better towards whatever your level is and whatever your aims are with your winging.

The Fly

The introductory wing, for schools and beginner/intermediate freeride. It does everything, but in a simple package at a more affordable price to welcome people into the Ozone range. Prioritising low end grunt for getting going earlier for beginners who have yet to master techniques or for lighter winds and bigger riders.

The only soft handled model in the range, this is an all-round do everything wing with the most immediate grunt.

The Flow

The mid price range, all around wing with a bias towards wave riding and freestyle. a mid aspect ratio wing hopefully gaining the best of both worlds, low end and high end. This will be the go-to for the majority of intermediate upwards riders who want a performance wing to do everything - the best balance of performance to pricepoint

The Flux

The Flux is all about high performance blasting. Higher end materials makes for a super lightweight bit of kit with plenty of tension in the canopy for a very responsive ride. Think Intermediate freeride upwards, for those that like going fast and may even be interested in racing. Great upwind ability and it loves rolling forward in tacks - it will help you master these with ease. Higher aspect than the first two models, and so much prefers being powered up - but with technique perfectly usable in the lighter winds, hence the Intermediate nature.

Can handle waves no problem, but can be a little more unbalanced while flagged out than the likes of the Fly and the Flow as it prefers being powered up.

The Fusion

A new concept to the world of winging, the Fusion is a pretty niche and yet very exciting product for Ozone. Owning their own factory has enabled them to play around with ideas like this for many years, often innovating products that end up being copied world wide.

A plan shape not dissimilar to the Flux, the idea of the dual skin design is to remove any disruption and unbalancing of air flow running underneath the leading edge. This makes for an incredibly smooth ride that smashes upwind and flies very, very fast.

As can be expected, this wing is aimed mostly towards racing - It recently took the event win at Defi Wind 2024 in France. This is the pinnacle of the range for flying around race and speed courses - we look forward to seeing how this concept develops in the future and how many others jump on board for the race events.


The Liteforce

Coming soon....


Hopefully this guide helps - reach out with any questions!

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