The Ozone Wing Range - A Breakdown

The Ozone Wing Range - A Breakdown

The range of wings from Ozone has been going through some changes recently and we've gone from one offering to three. Here we're going to breakdown the models on offer from the brand and give you some insight to help you decide which is right for you.

The Fly

Ozone Fly V1Budget friendly and entry level - but by no means basic. The Fly V1 is a simple, lightweight and robust wing designed for beginner/intermediate/part time riders

Those of you learning to foil should look no further than the Fly V1 and any heavier riders will also benefit massively from its low aspect ratio, the Fly is designed to get you up and foiling as soon as possible with plenty of low end grunt and stability.

The Fly V1 is designed to be simple and easy. It does not use fancy materials, or have any extra features. It uses simple panel cuts which reduce the complexity of building it and the amount of labour required and this in turn keeps the wing lightweight and affordable. Likewise the bag and leash are simple but functional.

We have really been enjoying the Fly V1 and find it inspires a lot of confidence.

The Wasp

Ozone WASP V3

 This is now in its third generation and is the all round do everything wing. It has plenty of handle options and features. This wing has a great reputation built over the years and works well for whatever style of riding you are looking to get in to. This is a wing we have spent a lot of time on over the last year and has been our go to. Ozone's construction is second to none and this has made the WASP range a favourite over the years.

For riders looking for a full featured, do it all wing, look at the WASP V3.

The Flux

Ozone Flux V1Brand new on the scene, and Ozone's first high performance wing. This features new lightweight dacron on the leading edge and strut, and new fabric on the canopy too. A more complex panel layout for improved sail tensioning and durability combined with a fabric mix to get that balance of lightweight and durability. This is also the first wing Ozone have released with hard handles which provide a very direct connection to the wing. 

High performance wings like the Flux V1 fly a little differently to the likes of the Fly or WASP, offering less immediate grunt, but more forward drive. They require a little more technique to get the most out of, but more advanced riders will love these characteristics. The Flux flies upwind, jumps high and is perfectly balanced when flagged out.

If you are looking for a top of the range high performance wing, then look no further than the Flux V1.

We hope that clears things up - if you have any questions regarding Ozone Wings then get in touch!

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