Flysurfer STOKE 3 Review

Flysurfer STOKE 3 Review

The new STOKE 3 from Flysurfer is a huge leap forward. This is now a truly all round performance kite. It works well in the waves as well as on a hydrofoil or on a twintip. We have ridden it in a variety of conditions now and it is the kind of kite that everyone should have in their quiver. If you are the kind of rider that likes to mix it up between waveriding, boosting on a twin tip, and some freeride foiling, then the STOKE 3 will probably work quite well for you.

Materials and Construction

Flysurfer have really focussed their efforts on using premium materials and shedding weight for this version of the STOKE. This is a list of key improvements:

  • Durable SLC-TEX
  • 10% thinner leading edge and struts
  • 17% lower overall weight
  • Fewer canopy panels
  • Optimized reinforcements and seams
  • Repositioning of the Free Flow System valves
  • Bridle lines with Ronstan pulleys

Flight and Feel

The construction improvements have paid off. The kite feels fast and responsive. We recommend putting the line extensions that come with FS bars on straight away. Without them the kite feels gutless, but those extra 3m make a huge difference. The only time 20m would be nice in our opinion is foiling.

In onshore wave conditions the kite is fast and light on the bar. It feels nimble allowing you to focus on riding. Foiling the kite worked well in light winds and did not feel like it was about to fall out of the sky. On a powered boosting session, the STOKE was reassuringly direct and we knew where it was at all times. Loops were smooth and predictable.

Flysurfer STOKE 3


This type of 3 strut all rounder is as the name suggests a jack of all trades. There are better specialist kites for specific disciplines and conditions, but that is not what this is about. We tested the 9m. This is a size we feel offers a good insight into a kite. The STOKE is a very solid kite and we would be more than happy on a trip with nothing else to fly. It is capable of delivering everything we want from it. We think it looks pretty smart in the sky too. 

Find out more about the Flysurfer STOKE 3.

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