Ozone Fly V1 Wing Review

Ozone Fly V1 Wing Review

The Ozone Fly V1 has been a firm favourite of ours this year! It is a lightweight, pared back wing with all the non essential features removed. It features a simple panel cut, and pretty basic handles. Everything has been done to make this wing as affordable as possible, whilst still using premium materials. As a result of this, it is just really lightweight and flies incredibly well. It is well priced too!

The design is pretty low aspect, making it perfect for those learning. There is a lot of low end power which you can rely on, and access easily whenever you want it. At the same time it will flag out and sit back on the front handle effortlessly. This was the first wing released by Ozone using their new wing design module for their proprietary design software, OZCAD. You can tell the wing is more refined than previous models. 

It is ideal for everything from making your first steps into winging all the way up to wave riding. It is grunty per size, so more advanced riders will potentially be sizing down. However its light wind performance is impressive in the larger sizes.

If you are looking for a wing to start your winging journey, and inspire confidence then look no further than the Ozone Fly V1.

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