BIC Sport becomes TAHE Sport

BIC Sport becomes TAHE Sport

One of our suppliers has rebranded! BIC Sport have been around forever and are well known - but they are now known as TAHE.

The Tahe Outdoors group of companies presents the launch of a new brand, TAHE. Its core values are the same as those that have made BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors so successful. From this heritage TAHE is turning a new page, the enjoyment of board and water sports its bottom line.

TAHE, Endless Play Time !

The TAHE brand is the result of the fusion of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors, two companies that have been legends in their respective water sports markets for decades. BIC Sport contributes its industrial/manufacturing expertise, its board sport culture and spirit of fun, Tahe Outdoors its northern European mastery of kayak design and manufacture.

The result is this new brand dedicated to delivering fun on the water for all: individuals, families, friends, for any and all skill levels. TAHE’s mission is to develop products that are accessible, reliable, simple and innovative, ecologically responsible and mostly manufactured in France. TAHE is also fully committed to the development of sporting/competition opportunities open to young riders and racers everywhere.

The name changes and also the Brand’s dynamics with a new image, new projects, new products. That said, our skilled workforce remains in place and products names that have built the name and reputation of the company remain. Products such as the Techno windsurf boards, Borneo and Bilbao kayaks, the Cross and Performer SUP series, ACE-TEC and TOUGH-TEC technologies… feature in the 2021 TAHE Product Range.

Together they ensure continuity for the Brand, but are at the same time challenged by new products. The manufacturing facilities stay the same: Tahe Outdoors France/ex-BIC Sport at its site in Vannes (Brittany), France, the original Tahe Outdoors at its factory 2020 in Tallin, Estonia.

TAHE Kayaks

We are really excited about the updates to the kayak range. It looks really fresh and they have stepped up their game in terms of paddles and backrests and aesthetics, whilst maintaining their tried and tested sit on top range. The TST construction has proven to be absolutely bombproof.

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