Brand Focus: Ozone Kites

Brand Focus: Ozone Kites

Ozone do things differently to most kite brands. They have the feel of a small brand, whilst being one of the biggest brands in the industry. They are product focused and invest heavily in themselves. They are the only kite company to use their own bespoke CAD software to design kites. They are the only major kite brand to own their production facility and manufacture nothing but their own products. These might not sound like big things, but they have a huge impact in terms of the amount of control over production processes and quality control.

The brand started as a paraglider company, and for many years have been the largest paraglider company in the World. Their processes were designed with the safety requirements for building freeflight products in mind. The quality control and attention to detail is second to none. People frequently comment on how clean the stitching is on Ozone kites.

The original team behind Ozone Kites came from the paraglider scene, with Robbie Whittall heading up design. Rob is a true legend in the freeflight scene, having been a world champion in both hang gliding and paragliding. His ability to design products which feel right, has been a key to Ozone's success. 

The factory was designed to build paragliders originally, and the attention to detail and paramount importance of quality control in that industry has set the standards which are used to this day. Whether it is inspection of raw materials from suppliers, through to sewing techniques and other built in quality controls - the team at Ozone go to great lengths to ensure everything is as it should be. 

Ozone Kites started by building foil kites, and focusing on the snow kite market. This transitioned into land based kiting as well in the early 2000s. They were a bit late to the party with water kites - not releasing anything until 2006. The brand ramped up fast with the release of the first EDGE. Since then they have created many iconic models which have gathered loyal fanbases.

Today their range is extensive with a full selection of kites covering all bases. Specialist kites for snowkiting, formula racing, freestyle, waveriding, and big air are available for those looking to focus on those disciplines. The range also includes all round models aimed at different levels of performance.

Over the last years Ozone have expanded their team and their production facility. As well as kites, they have built a board factory to create twintips, and more recently a foil factory. They are also building wings - which use the same construction as the water kites, but are evolving quickly. Ozone continue to invest heavily in themselves and their design and production capabilities. This is one of our favourite aspects of the brand. We are always excited to see what they release next.

Check out our full collection of Ozone Kites.

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