Brand Focus: Surflogic Hardware

Brand Focus: Surflogic Hardware

Surflogic has become a staple brand for us over the last few years. They just make good stuff which solves problems for us. They clearly design products for the market from the perspective of people who actually surf. Not only that, they surf in conditions which are not dissimilar to those we encounter in the UK. This shines through with some of their more iconic products such as the wetsuit dryer and the wetsuit hangers and the dry buckets.

The brand is a family owned business based in the Spanish Basque Country. They are surrounded with famous surf spots such as Mundaka and Hossegor giving them access to great places for testing and sources of inspiration. 

Surflogic started out as a brand in 2005 and was one of the original designers of the keylock. These are used by surfers Worldwide to store their keys more safely than simply hiding them. A personal favourite of ours is the Double System Key Lock which has a wire allowing you to hide the keylock out of sight.

The single best selling item in the range today is the Wetsuit Dryer. This was launched in 2018 and has been a great bit of kit for those of us in colder climates. The brand has continued to slowly develop the range and expand to the point where it now makes pretty much every accessory you could ever need. We always love looking through the new catalogues when they arrive!


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