Our Favourite UK Kite Repair Shops

Our Favourite UK Kite Repair Shops

Kite and now Wing repairs are just one of those occupational hazards. Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes its our fault, sometimes it isn't. The good news is that pretty much anything is repairable and it will rarely affect performance or durability of your gear. The effect it has on resale is mostly just because people are scared of dodgy repairs. Most of the repair shops do great work though. Like with car mechanics, it is nice when you have a relationship with a good one and know they will do a good job. To help you out, we have listed some of our favourites.

Kite Barn - Rich has been our go to for many years. We know he has plenty of experience with the gear we use and tends to have all the right materials in stock in order to get the job done well and quickly. 

Sore Kites - Chris is a professional and has made a name for himself on the south coast for offering great service and good quality repairs. Again he has a well stocked workshop and is able to get the job done in a timely manner.

The Loft Workshop - When it comes to foil kites, the kite repair guys get nervous. These repairs can be a lot more complex. The Loft specialise in paraglider repairs and have decades of experience. Foil kites are just like paragliders, so we turn to Mike and his team when we have more complex foil kite repairs. They will do any kite and wing repairs too.

Jimmy's Kite Repairs - If you are based in the South East then Jimmy is your guy. He has plenty of experience getting kites and wings back on the water and a great reputation.

I am sure there are other good repair shops out there - this is just a list of the people we know and have experience working with.


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