Appleslice V3 vs Appleslice V2

Appleslice V3 vs Appleslice V2

Appletree have just released the Appleslice V3 which replaces their best selling V2 model. The Appleslice won a lot of people over with its compact shape and the connected feel offered by the Appletree construction. 


The construction for the Appleslice V3 remains exactly the same as for the V2 (made 2023 onwards). Some earlier V2s used different tracks, before Appletree introduced their own in 2023.

The key thing which sets Appletree apart from the rest is its proprietary high density closed cell foam and its use of vacuum infusion. The high density foam weighs slightly more but provides a more solid connection to the foil as it greatly reduces any sponginess in the deck, it's other massive advantage over the more standardly used EPS foam is not soaking up water when exposed. While the weight comparison is negligible the smaller the size of board, the inevitability of dinging boards in the water with this sport means not soaking up water while in the middle of the sea is a huge advantage. The use of vacuum infusion uses less resin which saves weight, and also creates a better bond between the carbon and the foam. 

All in all, these boards are STIFF.


The key difference for the V3 is the outline shape. The board is very noticeably longer and narrower for the same volume.  Where the 83L Appleslice V2 was 5'0 x 24.5" x 4.56", the Appleslice V3 80L is 5'4 x 22.5" x 4.6". Many brands are unwilling to make boards deeper, due to the loss of feeling this can create, but the strength in the Appletree construction lets them get away with it.

The longer, narrower shape makes this board a bit harder for early intermediates who are still fumbling around on the board, but the shape planes much earlier and tracks better allowing it to pick up speed very quickly. This makes it great for getting going in lighter winds, and for getting enough board speed to get smaller foils up.

The tracks are nice and long and set well forward to help use all the latest generation foils. They are set in a large flat area of the board which again helps you get going quickly. 

The edge shape is pretty sharp which is designed to promote water release. Again this feature really helps with early take off.


Who should ride the V3?

The Appleslice has and always will be an intermediates level riders board upwards. The price point alone will most likely put it into most peoples 2nd or 3rd board choices, rather than a first board. If you've learnt on a cheaper, larger board and have decided that winging is indeed for you, then the V3 comes into the conversation.

For the vast majority of riders aims in the UK, this board will be the board they drop down to and stick on forever. Usually aiming for a bodyweight/literage cross over or maybe just under depending on your abilities and goals. A body weight match would make this a very capable offering for all kinds of riding - waves, freestyle and freeride - theres no need for anything else.

We have been riding the Skipper Wing in a 55L mostly over the last 12 months, and that is well worth considering if you're at a more advanced level and wanting to ride almost solely in solid waves. For a more allrounded ride, the V3 Appleslice does a fantastic job.

Check out more info on the V3 HERE and check out the review video below done by the guys at The Foiling Magazine.


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