Flysurfer Hybrid vs Peak 5

Flysurfer Hybrid vs Peak 5

The PEAK has been a bit of a game changer for many foilers recently. The lightwind performance and incredible drift really set it apart from every other kite on the market. The huge amount of power developed for the size of the kite, meant you were able to use a relatively small kite - it is like flying a stunt kite! Not only that - it packs small, and is very affordable. The big downside when foiling is that water relaunch is very limited, for all intents and purposes, it does not water relaunch. The single skin concept kite was designed for use on snow, not the water.

Enter the new HYBRID. Taking the PEAK as a starting point, but making the front 40% of the kite closed cell, and the remaining 60% single skin, Flysurfer have basically solved the main issue. The trade off is a slight loss of performance, and a significant increase in price, but water relaunch for most people is a pretty essential component of a kite that will be used on water. 

Should I choose the PEAK or the HYBRID?

This will be the question most people are asking themselves. The answer will be up to the individual, but we will highlight some key things to consider.

Reasons to choose the PEAK

  • Ultimate light wind performance
  • Ultimate drift
  • Great price point

Reasons to choose the HYBRID

  • Great water relaunch
  • Great light wind performance
  • Great drift
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Price point comparable to equivalent tube kite

Final Thoughts

For most people, the HYBRID is probably a better option. In light winds, and riding waves we all make mistakes and kites end up in the water. It may not be that often, but it happens. It makes sense to have the peace of mind that easy water relaunch offers. The sacrifice in terms of performance is pretty small compared to that benefit.

The only thing left to justify is the price difference. Closed cell is simply a lot more fabric and sewing, so it makes sense it costs more. There is a safety element to water relaunch which is hard to put a monetary value on. We feel that despite costing significantly more, the HYBRID is still the right option for most riders.

Find out more about the Flysurfer PEAK 5 and the new Flysurfer HYBRID



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