Infinity x Black Project Collab Paddles

Infinity x Black Project Collab Paddles

It is always exciting when two big names we like come together and collaborate. This is exactly what has happened with Infinity who make some of the fastest race sups out there, as well as great surf sups started working with Black Project to create a paddle range. Black Project have been putting way more time and effort than most brands into refining paddles and it shows on the competition scene. A lot of top paddlers are choosing Black Project over their board sponsor's paddles.

The Infinity x Black Project Paddle range can be broken down into 3 key models, the Whiplash, Flash and Quick Strike. 

Infinity SUP Paddle Range

Infinity Whiplash Paddle

This is the all round performance model. It is a premium paddle built in 90% 3k carbon and 10% glass. This design is based on the popular Black Project Lava paddle.

It comes in a single blade size (84sq inches) at 10 degrees, and 3 shaft options. There is the fixed length 1 piece, an adjustable 2 piece, and a travel 3 piece. The travel version comes in a bag. This is a versatile option for someone who does a bit of everything from surfing to recreational racing.

 Find out more about the Infinity Whiplash Paddle.

Infinity Flash Paddle

This is an all out World Class performance race paddle. The blade is much squarer in shape to the Whiplash and also longer and narrower. Based on the Black Project Hydro paddle, this design has race pedigree.

It comes in two blade sizes and two shaft thicknesses. It is only available as a fixed length shaft.

Find out more about the Infinity Flash Paddle.

Infinity Quick Strike Paddle

This is the SUP Surf paddle, but also works great for foiling. It is all about high cadence sprinting, and then bracing. Whilst you could use this paddle for any discipline, the tear drop shaped blade really performs when surfing. This is based off the Black Project Surge paddle. 

It comes in two blade sizes and is only available in the fixed length slim shaft. This provides a flex which feels great in the surf, and also improved grip. 

Find out more about the Infinity Quick Strike Paddle

The Breakdown

Listen to Infinity top dog Dave Boehne talk you through the paddle range and what he likes about each model.



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