Ozone Code V3 vs Torque V3

Ozone Code V3 vs Torque V3

Ozone were very late to the game when it came to releasing their first twin tip. The main reason being that they build everything in house at their factory in Vietnam. If they wanted to build kiteboards, they would need to build a factory and get the production process dialled first. So that is what they did. It started with the Code V1 in 2018 followed by the Torque V1 in 2019.

The Code

The Code was Ozone's original twin tip design aimed at the freeride market. It bucked the trend at the time with its pulled in tips when everyone else was releasing more square outlines. The Code V3 is a touch stiffer than previous versions but feature the same design basics. The outline has pulled in tips and the base features a double concave.

The Torque

The Torque V3 fits the mould of the classic high performance freestyle oriented twin tip kiteboard. It has a very square outline with a pretty stiff flex under the centre of the board. The bottom shape features a very prominent quad concave. The board feels solid underfoot and grips the water. When landing jumps at speed it gives confidence and never feels like it is going to lose its edge. 

Ozone Code V3 vs Torque V3

Code vs Torque

Picking the right model for you can be tricky. The Code is more forgiving with the slightly softer flex and pulled in tips, where as the Torque is more responsive. If you are a unhooked freestyle rider, or ride flat water a lot, then the Torque is probably the right choice - it will pop better with the longer straighter heel side edge.

For big air things get more complicated. The kite does most of the work jumping, and the conditions are not as favourable for perfect take offs. A lot of the decision here will come down to personal preference. This is clearly shown by Ozone's own team riders where Ruben Lenten chooses the Torque, but Jamie Overbeek choses the Code. 

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