Ozone Enduro V3 vs Enduro V4 - What is new?

Ozone Enduro V3 vs Enduro V4 - What is new?

The Enduro is a classic kite in the Ozone range - it has been the best selling model for years. It is famous for its all round performance and versatility. There are not many kites out there that work great for such a wide range of disciplines. On a twintip, the Enduro boosts and loops and unhooks with ease. It is more than capable of smashing waves in any kind of conditions, onshore or cross shore. If you are out foiling the kite drives forward and turns effortlessly. There really are very few kites than can work this well in such a wide range of scenarios. No wonder it is so popular.

What is new on the Enduro V4?

The big highlight is the new curved leading edge. We saw this tech on the Ozone Alpha V2 first. It is a feat of design work and manufacturing to make this! Kites are made up of flat pieces of fabric, which are sewn together, so making curves is tough! Ozone call this their Continuous Curve Leading Edge. What does this achieve though? By making the leading edge curved, it improves the airflow over the wing, making it less turbulent and creating less drag. In practical terms though, this makes the kite feel noticeably smoother.

The sail tension on the Enduro V4 is noticeably tighter than previous models, which makes the kite more responsive and gives a more progressive feel at the bar.


The developments are significant, and any Enduro fans will notice the difference. The Enduro V4 is at the cutting edge of kite design and development. However the Enduro V3 is still a fantastic kite which will deliver all the performance you need. Now its on sale it offers exceptional value!

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