SIC Raptor Foil Board Range Overview

SIC Raptor Foil Board Range Overview

SIC master shaper Mark Raaphorst has been big into foiling for the last few years. He has been experimenting with shapes and sizes constantly, and if you follow his Flying Dutchman profile online you will see the endless customs he has built. All this research and development is then put into creating the SIC Maui foil board range. These are the shapes that have been proven time and time again to be winners. The Raptor range is focused on wingfoiling.

The Raptor foil board range can be split into three groups of boards, the Raptor, Raptor Pro, and Raptor Air.

SIC Maui Raptor

The Raptor shape has a more forgiving outline and better stability when not foiling. Three sizes give the first-time foiler lots of volume options to choose from, and the 5.8 size is a great intermediate option for those beginners ready to progress to a smaller size after taking a wing foiling lesson. 5'11 and 6'2 are ideal for learning on.

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SIC Maui Raptor Pro

The 5’0” and 5’4” Raptor Pro Wing Foil Boards focus on in-flight performance, with a low rocker profile to promote easy lift off, and beveled rail bottom chines that reduce the chance of catching while touching down, banking upwind, carving a jibe, or turning hard. Deck insets allow addition of foots straps for powerful maneuvering or jumping.

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SIC Maui Raptor Air

The Raptor Air Foil Boards combine specialized Raptor performance and design with the compact storage and transportation convenience of an inflatable.

The Raptor Air was created with performance in mind for the avid wing foiler ready to travel and explore or the beginner looking for something softer and less intimidating under their feet.

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The range is pretty nice and simple - it should be easy to find which model is right for you. For most riders who are up and riding and looking for a step down size the Raptor Pro will be the model to look at.


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