The Best Wetsuit Dryer

The Best Wetsuit Dryer

This has been the number one item on the list of "Christmas presents for the watersports person who has everything" for the last few years. It is the Surflogic Pro Wetsuit Dryer. This is a total luxury, but having had one for the last few years, it sure is nice to have. Being able to get your suit properly dry without needing to bring it into the house is a bonus. Winter is hard enough without putting cold wet wetsuits on.

The wetsuit dryer is in essence a high volume fan with a heating element. It pumps hot air through the wetsuit pushing the water down in the same way a hand dryer does, whilst also encouraging as much as possible to evaporate. You do need to be careful the neck of the wetsuit is not touching the heating element, but that it easy enough. 

Surflogic Wetsuit Dryer

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea, or on a winter surf trip and plan on getting in your suit multiple times a day, even if you dont get it completely dry, giving it a blast to warm it up before putting it on makes a huge difference. 

At the end of the day the Surflogic Wetsuit Dryer is a great gadget - and it works really well.

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