The Top All Water Raceboards for 2024

The Top All Water Raceboards for 2024

SUP Race boards are the ultimate when it comes to paddling efficiency. That speed and glide is addictive and its not just about racing. If you are looking to cruise up and down the coast then travelling faster allows you to cover more ground and makes it all less effort in some ways. The only caveat if that the boards are narrower and require a bit more skill to stand on. These things are a world apart from your basic 10'6 inflatable sup. 

When it comes to racing though, it is all about absolute speed and the board offering enough stability to allow you to put the power down through the paddle. There are clearly two hot new models for 2024 - The SIC Maui RST and the INFINITY EverReady.


The SIC MAUI RST is the latest generation of raceboard from SIC. It takes the flagship All Water Raceboard position in the range. There are clear elements of the RS which has been a very popular model for the last five years, and the Atlantis which was designed for more open water racing. The board features a dug out design akin to the Atlantis, with the same Venturi drain system. The rockerline is taken from the RS though, to keep that speed and glide. Considering is hasnt been around for long, this board has seen a fair few podiums already!


Also new for 2024 is the Infinity EverReady which replaced the classic Blackfish Dugout in the range. It is narrower than the Blackfish and the updated rocker makes it faster in flat water conditions. A narrower planing surface helps this board be responsive and accelerate fast whilst taller rails provide increased stability.

Which one to choose?

At this point there are a couple of factors to do. Firstly try and have a go on them at a demo day or from a fellow paddler. The next item to consider is availability! Both models have been in short supply this year.

In terms of design or construction, we feel that both models are very competitive and offer a great build. There are small details to differentiate, we prefer the fin on the SIC, and the deckpad on the INFINITY. Graphics are always subjective too.

What about Flat Decks?

Obviously these two models are dugouts. They are the two flagship raceboards out there. There are flat deck options too of course. From SIC Maui there is the RS. This is a very proven shape which is now available in the cheaper DF construction. So our best bet on a budget would be the SIC Maui RS DF. If you want the best construction in a flat deck, then the model to look at is the Infinity Blackfish Flat Deck. This is an iconic board which has a great track record in both sprint races and beach races.  For 2024 it was updated with a new Ghost White colourway.


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