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SIC RST 14.0

SIC RST 14.0


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SIC RST 14.0

The new SIC RST is the much anticipated new race board from SIC. The fastest board they have ever made - taking all the best elements of the RS such as the rocker line and then adding in key features from the Atlantis. By making it a dug out it lowers the centre of gravity and improves stability, allowing you to put down as much power as possible.

From SIC Maui:

Introducing the new RST dugout all-water raceboard, a remarkable fusion that redefines SIC Maui's all-water race category. Inspired by the race-winning rocker of the RS series, known for its exceptional glide and maneuverability, the RST combines it with the unmatched rough water stability of the dugout of the Atlantis with a venturi drain. The final results deliver unbeatable all-water performance.

RST offers speed and enhanced agility in rough water and swell with a narrowed outline, rounded rails, and a narrow tail. The dugout cockpit with lowered, flatted, and broadened standing area provides stability for navigating challenging conditions. The increased bow volume and raised spine enable efficient navigation through choppy waters, while the venturi drain ensures quick water evacuation. A narrow outline with an extended bow bottom nose reduces drag in flat conditions.



SUPER FLY CONSTRUCTION - Lightweight molded Carbon sandwich construction

LOWERED, FLATTENED, AND BROADENED DUGOUT - Increased stability for rough water handling and maximized standing area

HIGH BOW VOLUME AND RAISED SPINE - Increase ability to shed water going upwind or during drafting

BORROWED ROCKER LINE WITH NOSE KICK - Proven flatwater speed and glide as well as maneuverability in the bumps


ROUNDED RAILS IN FRONT AND REAR THIRD - Higher top-end speed in the flats and more control riding the bumps and catching a swell

CHANNEL BOTTOM REMOVAL AND DECREASED TAIL WIDTH - Improved water release, better turns, and enhanced surf agility

EZ GRAB HANDLE WITH INTEGRATED VENTURI DRAIN - For transport east and swift water evacuation to keep the cockpit dry

2X RACE HANDLES - For race starts and ease getting back on to the board


Like many a master shaper Mark Raaphorst did his time and paid his dues before setting up his own repair shop. He got hooked on SUP as soon as they started to appear on Maui and he very quickly found a way to combine his knowledge of moulded technology with his new passion. Before long SIC boards were winning almost every race they entered.