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Infinity Everready 14ft Dugout

Infinity Everready 14ft Dugout


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Infinity Everready 14ft Dugout


This is an all new shape from Dave Boehne and replaces the very popular Blackfish Dugout. Working with elite team riders to test and refine the shape into a race winning machine. This board is perfectly designed for the types of races and conditions we have in the UK. The board is narrower whilst maintaining stability which is essential for putting down the power.

From Infinity:

The new all-around all water design to replace the favorite Blackfish Dugout. The new design has to be exceptional to replace the very popular and very successful Blackfish design. The rocker, bottom shape, and outline all have changed to become the new evolution in the Infinity race line up! Shaper/Desiger Dave Boehne and the team Arthur Arutkin, Itzel Delgado, Candice Appleby, Juliette DuHaime and Ricardo Rossi were instrumental in the development of this new shape. 

The main goal with the EVERREADY was to create one board that can race in any conditions at any time. Lots of efficiency for the flatter conditions and longer distance races with the "all around" attributes to navigate through bumps, chop, up and downwind and sprinting style technical paddling. This board gets off the line extremely fast and holds glide speeds incredibly well. The higher volume and deeper recessed dugout add all the stability you need to keep the energy in your legs in longer distances.

The new bottom design and rocker is what sets this board apart from previous designs. This board is very “playful” and responds to the rider in all situations making it very easy for anyone to get familiar with the board right away and attack in racing situations. The rocker allows to hold momentum paddling into chop much easier and this same reason makes this board very easy to catch bumps and draft.

Arthur Arutkin raced this board to 2nd Place in the Downwind Race in the Gorge Paddle Champs as well as 2nd Place in a completely different style race in the tech course showing the wide range of conditions this board can excel in.


-Narrower than Blackfish wider than Whiplash

-allows for more acceleration off the line

-increased glide and efficiency in flat water

-taller nose keeps momentum better specifically upwind and through chop

-quick to recover and stay above water


-increases stability with a larger secondary stability and even what we call 3rd stability

-taller rails allow dropping the standing zone even lower to the water line

-gives greater control in chop, side chop, and mixed race start water


-angled rails create a narrower planning surface in the center of the board

-Tri-Plane design provides fast acceleration and higher top speed with increased glide

-Tri-Pane rail design provides more control, maneuverability, and versatility while foot steering

-Tri-Plane design increases ability to “attack”

-soft edges for soft clean glide and hard edge around the fin box for quick clean release and control while on the tail


-max width increased further up the nose

-more stability in front of stance for applying consistent power and keeping legs fresh

-narrow tail releases quicker for extended glide

-allows quicker sinking for buoy turns, raising the nose in and out of surf.


-minimum thickness under the feet for max stability and connected board feel

-2  carbon fiber side drains + one center drain for fast efficient draining even going thru surf

-perfect transition thickness to the tail for comfortable walking back to the tail and keeping water out 

-specific designed EVA traction for max grip, comfort, and water resistant properties 

-multiple handle options on rails and forward deck


-team elite carbon molded sandwich

-lightweight EPS core

-full pvc shell

-full carbon fiber wrap with fiberglass reinforcement

-reinforced high density inserts all plugs and boxes


We won't have official weights until we receive the final production boards here soon. In the meantime we can estimate what they will be based off of similar boards in the same volume. Estimated* weights below:

14' x 21" x 282L / 24-26lbs

14' x 22.5" x 293L / 25-27lbs

14' x 24" x 320L / 26-28lbs

14' x 26" x 349L / 28-30lbs

About Infinity

Infinity have been building surfboards since the 1970s. They are a family run business out of Dana Point, California. One thing that has always set them apart has been their willingness to build all kinds of watercraft and not being limited to just surfboards. Whether that meant tandem boards or wave skis in the early days, or today SUPs and Foil boards. Their designs have always been about pushing limits and they have always loved making boards fast.