Ozone Apex V1 Kite Foil Review

Ozone Apex V1 Kite Foil Review

This is the first foil to be released by Ozone. It was much anticipated and we were very keen to give it a go. As always with Ozone, it was fully built by them in house at their factory in Vietnam. This means that in order to build carbon foils, they had to build a factory first. There are two parts to this foil set up to cover - the first is the Apex V1 Board, and then the foil itself.

Ozone Apex V1 Kite Foil

The Ozone Apex V1 Kite Foil Board

This is a twintip construction board built by Ozone in their board factory. They have been producing twintips for a number of years now and know what they are doing. Twintip construction boards like this have no volume. The board is light, durable and rides well. There is quite a bit of rocker, and bevelled rails to aid with any touchdowns. The EVA deck pad was comfortable and felt like it offered plenty of grip to us. Straps are bought separately, but they are nice. There is the option to go for classic Y straps or a T strap system, which has a large front strap.

The most unique feature are the titanium T nuts it ships with. These are custom made for ozone and work really nicely to connect your foil to the board. The big downside is that they would be impossible to replace if you lost one on a trip. So be careful with them. They are easy enough to order from Ozone.

This board was originally released in just the orange colour scheme we used in a 125 x 45cm. Ozone have since added a black colour scheme, and smaller 105 x 45cm size.

We have taken this board around with us on trips both home and abroad, and it just works. Its bombproof. For a heavy rider, it might have a little too much flex, but for anyone under 85kg it will be great.

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The Ozone Apex V1 Kite Foil

This foil is Ozone's first production foil. It comes with a 90cm mast, 1200 Low Aspect front wing, and 315 rear wing. Everything is made out of carbon and fastened together with titanium. Titanium barrel nuts and torx hardware mean you can crank the bolts together tight and make sure everything is well connected. There has been no expense spared here. It feels lightweight as you would expect. Everything comes with nice protective covers too.

Ozone Apex V1 Kite Foil

1200 seemed like a big front wing. It is a big front wing. As you would expect with a low aspect big front wing, it gets up and riding very easily. It is incredible stable and confidence inspiring. Once you feel comfortable you can crank upwind and it gets up to some decent speed. It does not feel sluggish. It has a really low stall speed though, allowing you to foil very slowly. We spent hours just carving around in wind swell, and just felt comfortable. 

Ozone Apex V1 Kite Foil Mast

If you are looking for a nice easy freeride foil to cruise around on, carve and jump, then this will work perfectly. Ozone are committed to their foil program and the range is expanding steadily with more parts being added. 

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