SIC Raptor Wing Foil Board Review

SIC Raptor Wing Foil Board Review

SICmaui launched their more wing specific 'Raptor' range in 2020 and have since added a multitude of sizes to their most popular foil board range as the Wing discipline has grown the last 2 years. We had the first version of the 80L Raptor on demo in 2020/21 and have since moved that on and added the 2022 version of the same literage. 

SIC Raptor

Sizes and Construction

As mentioned, we've had the 5ft 80L Raptor Pro on demo for a little while now. The range also covers 95L, 110L, 120L and 130L. There are also 2 inflatable options for beginners and travelling wing foilers and looking into 2023 SIC are adding a smaller 60L, 4'11 Pro model to compliment the range. As you can see, a complete family for all ability levels of foilers! We even have some of the 2021 80L models left available at sale price....

The larger size composite and inflatable boards are perfect to learn on, while the smaller composite 'Pro' sizes are ideal to progress onto once competent and after something more manoeuvrable for waves or freestyle tricks.

Construction wise SIC use their own Superfly X technique for lightweight performance - the demo board we've had has held up really well, comes in at 6.2kg and we've been really happy with its performance. Made in China, the SFX construction involves a full fibreglass PVC sandwich wrapped around a lightweight EPS core.


Ozone Wasp


The Raptor's shape is simplistic and forgiving, designed for performance riding of all kinds -  whether its freeride, waveriding or freestyle, the Raptor performs well. We found the board stable while sat in choppy and wavey waters waiting for the right time to get started, but it didn't then feel cumbersome while up and riding - if anything, the opposite. The low rocker line across the board does indeed promote easy lift, and we had to be severely underpowered to struggle to get this board to get up and go.

SIC Raptor

Although we've only ridden it strapless, theres now a multitude of options for foot straps - should you want to use them you'll have plenty choices. 

This board is comfortable and easy to use. It does what you want it to do, when you want to do it. We think this is a great all-round Wing board - just make the decision on what volume you're after and you're good to go. 


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