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AXIS Carbon Mast and Baseplate Covers

AXIS Carbon Mast and Baseplate Covers


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AXIS Carbon Mast and Baseplate Covers

A mast cover with the highest quality of padding, materials and design to protect your AXIS carbon mast. The AXIS mast cover will not only protect the mast, but will fit around the fuselage when your AXIS foil is being stored assembled. Perfect for protecting your setup while in the back of the van or garage

If you have multiple carbon masts, there are vertical and horizontal markings on the covers to clearly indicate the size of the masts. 

Available in 3 sizes to protect the 3 sizes of the AXIS Carbon Masts:

  • 76cm Carbon Mast Cover
  • 86cm Carbon Mast Cover
  • 96cm Carbon Mast Cover

(These were designed for the original AXIS Carbon masts, our new Power Carbon and Power Carbon High Modulus masts come with a cover

About AXIS

Adrian Roper began shaping kiteboards in 1998. He was a pioneer and created many of todays design standards. He has shifted focus to foils and continues to lead the way.

AXIS. For wherever your foiling journey takes you.

From that first flight across a lake or harbour with a hand wing, or that initial lift off on a wave or behind a boat or ski, you’re hooked. Flying. Fast and free. Smooth and quiet. There’s no other feeling like it. And whether you foil across a number of water sports or prefer to focus your progression on one, AXIS will be with you every step of the way. Our range of masts, foils and fuselages is both extensive and inter-changeable, making it easy to maximise enjoyment and performance in your chosen foiling mode.