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AXIS FoilDrive Prone Foil board

AXIS FoilDrive Prone Foil board


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AXIS FoilDrive Prone Foil board

'When we started designing our AXIS dedicated Foil Drive boards with Dom and Jamie (Foil Drive specialists and AXIS Foils Global Ambassadors), we knew that the outcome would be spectacular. Dominic Hoskyns and Jamie Wise from Foil Drive, together with Adrian Roper from AXIS have indeed created the perfect Foil Drive board, in 3 unique sizes, addressing all levels, conditions and styles or riding.'


The AXIS Foil Drive boards are based on a longer and narrower shape, with a very flat section in the rocker to allow the Foil Drive Gen2 to fit nicely. They run with less drag than a shorter wider board and make it very easy to get up on foil. They have been extensively tested to have a solid signal through the board, so no cutouts between the Foil Drive remote control and controller. 

We wanted the AXIS Foil Drive boards to be full carbon, similar to the rest of the AXIS Foilboards. So the contruction is Carbon top and bottom with a PVC sandwich on both sides. This layup makes for a stiff board that gives a direct connection to the foil, while it’s still lightweight and strong. 

To maximize compatibility with all foil models and riding styles, we added the longest mast tracks available on the market. 42cm / 16.5 inches long. 

Sizes available:

5’0” x 19.0”, 50 litres

5’4” x 19.5”, 60 litres

5’8” x 20.0”, 70 litres

While we designed the AXIS Foil Drive boards with Foil Drive Gen2 in mind, these boards will also work great as prone boards, and prone downwind boards, for the more advanced prone riders who have added downwind into their regular foiling routine. 

About AXIS

Adrian Roper began shaping kiteboards in 1998. He was a pioneer and created many of todays design standards. He has shifted focus to foils and continues to lead the way.

AXIS. For wherever your foiling journey takes you.

From that first flight across a lake or harbour with a hand wing, or that initial lift off on a wave or behind a boat or ski, you’re hooked. Flying. Fast and free. Smooth and quiet. There’s no other feeling like it. And whether you foil across a number of water sports or prefer to focus your progression on one, AXIS will be with you every step of the way. Our range of masts, foils and fuselages is both extensive and inter-changeable, making it easy to maximise enjoyment and performance in your chosen foiling mode.