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AXIS PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Mast

AXIS PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Mast


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AXIS PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon Mast

This introduction of the high modulus mast especially was a genuine turning point for the AXIS foil system. The extra control and refinement provided was a genuine gamechanger. The R&D team kept working and testing. The result was so outrageous AXIS said they probably would not release it, but people kept asking, so here it is. The mast used by elite team riders is now available to all.

From AXIS:

Affectionately named the 'dogleg' by the test team, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon is quite a departure from the industry's more conventional masts. Building on the impressive performance and stiffness of our existing Carbon mast program, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon boasts an unbelievable 55% increase in stiffness and incredible torsional rigidity as compared to our industry-standard 19mm Alloy mast. (By comparison, our Power Carbon and Power Carbon High Modulus are 25% and 35% stiffer respectively).

AXIS Pro Ultra High Modulus Mast StiffnessNot just stiffer, but thinner and narrower, with a 12.5mm reduction in chord in the bottom half of the mast (compared to power carbon masts), and a 1.5mm reduction in thickness (13.5mm thickness in the bottom section of the mast where it counts).

Another factor that sets this mast apart from the rest, is its radical new and unconventional foil section. It's quite a departure from conventional foil sections that have a tendency to become 'locked In' as speed increases. Our exclusive PRO Mast foil section has its widest point moved back on the mast, allowing freer turning at any speed. Our modelling predicted 20% less drag, but didn't prepare us for its slippery willingness to go fast and turn like nothing we've experienced.  

As the name implies the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon is constructed from military grade ultra-high modulus materials, which, while they raise the cost of production, do provide the ultimate ride.


The PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon ships in a custom high-quality protective mast bag and is completely compatible with all our products. 

Available in 3 sizes, 800mm (31.49"), 900mm (35.43"), 1050mm (41.33"). 

Matching the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon with any of your existing AXIS foils will elevate your foiling experience to the next level.

AXIS Pro Ultra High Modulus Mast

About AXIS

Adrian Roper began shaping kiteboards in 1998. He was a pioneer and created many of todays design standards. He has shifted focus to foils and continues to lead the way.

AXIS. For wherever your foiling journey takes you.

From that first flight across a lake or harbour with a hand wing, or that initial lift off on a wave or behind a boat or ski, you’re hooked. Flying. Fast and free. Smooth and quiet. There’s no other feeling like it. And whether you foil across a number of water sports or prefer to focus your progression on one, AXIS will be with you every step of the way. Our range of masts, foils and fuselages is both extensive and inter-changeable, making it easy to maximise enjoyment and performance in your chosen foiling mode.