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AXIS Research Team Pro (ARTPro) Front Wings

AXIS Research Team Pro (ARTPro) Front Wings


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AXIS Research Team Pro (ARTPro) Front Wings

The AXIS ART Series of high aspect reduces chord wings rocked the foil world a couple of years ago. Since then research has continued and now a new higher performance range has been born, the ART Pro. It all started by trying to build a larger version of the popular ART1099. 


What AXIS Say:

Leading the charge is the ARTPRO 1201, designed for fast downwinding and bigger guys, but don’t get the wrong impression, this is the wing Dylan Bez prone paddled up for a World Record Marathon 3hr and 6min continuous Surf pump session (left his board shorts at home so went out in work shorts, he had to stop because it got dark? Averaging 18.8km/h and covering a whopping 58km in distance all without getting wet again)

The design requirements of the ARTPRO 1201, were unprecedented glide, fast and nimble feel, unparalleled large span turning, great breach control, crucial for a wing of this span and finally early lift and low stall speed.

Based on our Black fuselage platform, ARTPRO 1201 will slot straight into your existing quiver, but really comes alive when paired with our Black Advance fuselages and our Skinny rear wings.

If you need screws for this wing, don't forget to add a screwset to your order.

PLEASE NOTE - This wing is only compatible with the Black fuselages

Technical Data:

AXIS ART Pro Technical information

Recommended use:

  • If you're a downwinder looking for that missing gear between the PNG1300 and the HPS1050, this is your wing.
  • If you're a light-wind winger or heavier rider looking for a high-performance wing this is the wing for you.
  • If you're a prone surfer wanting to link more waves in smaller conditions, this is the wing for you.


    When you purchase the AXIS carbon front wing we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in black, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.

    About AXIS

    Adrian Roper began shaping kiteboards in 1998. He was a pioneer and created many of todays design standards. He has shifted focus to foils and continues to lead the way.

    AXIS. For wherever your foiling journey takes you.

    From that first flight across a lake or harbour with a hand wing, or that initial lift off on a wave or behind a boat or ski, you’re hooked. Flying. Fast and free. Smooth and quiet. There’s no other feeling like it. And whether you foil across a number of water sports or prefer to focus your progression on one, AXIS will be with you every step of the way. Our range of masts, foils and fuselages is both extensive and inter-changeable, making it easy to maximise enjoyment and performance in your chosen foiling mode.