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Flysurfer Stage

Flysurfer Stage


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Flysurfer Stage

The FLYDOOR was the original lightwind twintip design. The time has finally come for the name to be retired and its replacement is the STAGE. These lightwind twintips are session savers for those who have limited time and need to get out in less than perfect conditions. They also help heavier riders get going when their normal board is just not enough.

From Flysurfer:

Maximize your water time with our high-performance freerider! The light-wind TwinTip glides quickly in the lightest breeze and lets you playfully run upwind. Go full speed and show the hydrofoilers that this stage is yours!


The STAGE guarantees your after-work session and is loved by those who want to hit the water as often as possible. The product is designed for uncompromising performance to make the most out of windy days. The high-performance TwinTip is dedicated to light winds:

  • Flat rocker curve
  • Light solid wood core
  • Double concave
  • Ergonomic outline
  • Hard flex pattern
  • Asymmetrical fin position

The STAGE plains super early, easily gets you upwind, and accelerates quickly when needed. Narrow your stance to save energy, or push the SQUAD Bindings toward the heel edge to improve control.

Ride the board flat in an upright body position and fly a performant kite to enter the next stage of efficiency. It’s always showtime!



The STAGE has a straight heel edge, asymmetrical fin positions, and plenty of surface area to generate the best possible planing and upwind performance. The board is built from a solid wood core and tuned hard. The shape glides on immediately and optimally converts your speed into performance. The double concave contributes to weight reduction and lets you glide with incredible smoothness.


The fins are aligned along the heelside edge and positioned asymmetrically on the tip. Both SOLID 55mm always remain in the water while riding. They let you ride upwind effortlessly and support its smoothness when the board is ridden flat. To make the STAGE easier to turn and more playful, swap the middle fins to SOLID 45mm.


The double concave adds stiffness to the center of the board but also channels water through the tips, creating more pop. The double concave helps to cushion hard landings as it breaks the water easily, ideal for freestyle and big air.


The board has a rounded and short toe edge. The ergonomic outline increases comfort and maneuverability when riding on the toe side and gives you a unique carving feeling.


Designed with a full-length wood core made of responsibly grown paulownia wood. The wood guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness, and dynamic recovery force. The board is strong, light and durable.


Our boards have a high-quality UV coating to ensure a long product life. The board graphics are protected under the coating, so they will not get damaged even if the board is slightly scratched.



Rider weight 50+ kg
Board size 159 x 45 cm
Fins 55 mm
Weight 3,80 kg


Scope of delivery ‘ready-to-ride’:

STAGE Kiteboard
SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set
SQUAD Grab Handle
SOLID 55mm Fin-Set
Assembling Instruction

About Flysurfer

From the beginning, Flysurfer has taken its own path, away from the other more conventional options. They have built a reputation for designing high performance yet user friendly kites and maintaining the highest levels of build quality. Add to this the best customer service and it is easy to see why FS customers are so loyal.