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Ozone Connect V3 Seat Harness

Ozone Connect V3 Seat Harness


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Ozone Connect V3 Seat Harness

This harness was designed by Ozone's race team and has been widely adopted by riders ever since its first iteration. Built using high end components, and designed to perform.

From Ozone:

The Connect Seat V3 harness is based on the Connect Waist V4 with added leg strap support that is fully adjustable for rider preference

Developed closely with our Hydrofoil race team riders and multiple World Champions, Nico Parlier and Axel Mazella, it provides the ultimate in comfort for racers as well as entry-level freeriders


From freeride cruising to high speed racing situations the Connect Seat V3 harness perfectly transfers loads from the kite into the rider’s legs without restricting movement. What makes this harness truly outstanding is that you don’t feel pressure points on your body.

You’ll feel no rubbing and no bruising, just pure pleasure and comfort thanks to the sleek lines and precisely sculpted shape with the ultra soft foam padding and neoprene layers.

Like all our accessories and hardware, the Connect Seat V3 is produced with care and expertise in our own factory.


The option to attach the leg straps directly to the spreader bar can provide a further locked-in ride. For a looser feeling you can leave the spreader bar and leg straps disconnected. In either set up the leg straps prevent the harness from sliding up, left or right, and keep the centre of gravity on your body low.


Entry-level riders often fly the kite at the zenith, or at least higher in the sky than more experienced riders. Using a seat harness with the kite often in a high position feels more comfortable, as the harness will remain in position all day long without sliding up above your waist.

Essentially, you’ll feel in control of the kite’s power more quickly. As most of the power is locked-in lower down your body, this leaves your upper body to focus more on steering the kite and your direction of travel.

For freeriders who prefer the feeling and extra support of a seat harness, the Connect Seat V3 makes cruising and jumping very easy and enjoyable. Ride hard, in comfort!


  • Freeride and Race seat harness
  • Superior support allows a rider to easily hold power
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Push Button Release Spreader Bar
  • Available in seven sizes so you can find the perfect fit
  • Ultra lightweight harness, from only TBC grams (approx.)
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Recycled materials also used on the external panels and webbing straps
  • New folded neoprene edge for extra comfort against your skin
  • New ribbed webbing for improved lock on the adjustment buckles
  • New slimline rear grab handle
  • Leash attachment ring
  • Emergency hook knife
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Webbing strap retainers


Size Centimetres Inches
XXS 68 - 73cm 26.7 - 28.7in
XS 72 - 77cm 28.3 - 30.3in
S 75 - 80cm 29.5 - 31.5in
M 79 - 85cm 31.1 - 33.5in
L 84 - 90cm 33.1 - 35.4in
XL 89 - 96cm 35 - 37.8in
XXL 95 - 102cm 37.4 - 40.1in

About Ozone

Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Kites and Paragliders, created around a dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots that share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress. Their development of their own manufacturing facility and bespoke design software together with their commitment to offering full product life cycles makes them stand out.