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Ozone Wing Waist Padded Belt V1

Ozone Wing Waist Padded Belt V1


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Ozone Wing Waist Padded Belt V1

For those looking for the advantages of a wing harness, but wanting to keep bulk and support to a minimum, the padded belt is worth considering.

From Ozone:

Find an extra level of comfort and support compared to the standard webbing waist strap. The Wing Waist Padded Belt V1 is a very lightweight EVA product for those who occasionally hook-in but still want to prioritise freedom of movement without committing to a full harness feel

Lightweight Option

If you are new to using harness lines, or only hook-in for short periods, the Wing Waist Padded Belt V1 is an ideal companion, combining the use of a sliding hook and a convenient wing leash line attachment at your waist.

The Wing Waist Padded Belt V1 offers less support than the Connect Wing V2 harness, but is a great option for riders who aren’t regularly hooking in when very powered up, and therefore don’t need further support from a more dedicated harness.

The sliding hook allows your body to rotate freely and is much more comfortable when riding toeside. There is less rotational force through the harness and it will remain centred on your body.

The belt design also allows for maximum body movement when letting the wing flag out behind you.

The sliding hook can be moved to the side and folded down if you need to lie on your board to paddle, or to re-mount the board if you find that difficult with the hook in front of you.

The harness can also be flipped and worn either way round, allowing you to choose which side you prefer to attach the wing leash line (this requires removing the sliding hook, flipping over and re-installing, but it’s a very simple process).


  • Sliding hook, folds out of the way when you’re laying on board
  • Folding hook is also less likely to ding board if you land on the deck
  • Webbing strap takes the load from sliding hook
  • Hook can be removed for use as a waist belt only
  • Soft and ergonomic EVA pad
  • Leash line/QR connection point
  • Strong buckle closure with adjustment
  • Webbing strap retainers
  • Super lightweight at approx. 180 grams (including sliding hook)
  • SIZE: One size fits most

About Ozone

Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Kites and Paragliders, created around a dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots that share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress. Their development of their own manufacturing facility and bespoke design software together with their commitment to offering full product life cycles makes them stand out.