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SIC Pick Pocket

SIC Pick Pocket


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SIC Pick Pocket

Ideal for

Surfers who are transitioning from longboarding to short boarding.
Beginner to advance surfers surfing in knee-high to double-overhead waves.
Traveling surfers who need a board to work in any condition.


The Pick Pocket is a Malibu style shape that maintains speed when paddling out into the lineup and is quick to catch waves where other boards struggle. We called it the Pick Pocket because you will be picking off waves and dropping into the pocket before anyone.

7' x 22"

  • Complete Dimensions213.3 cm x 55.9 cm x 49L
  • Weight9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg
  • Max Riders Weight165 lbs / 75 kg

7'4 x 22.5"

  • Complete Dimensions 223.5 cm x 57.1 cm x 57L
  • Weight 9.9 lbs / 4.5 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 175 lbs / 80 kg

7'10 x 23"

  • Complete Dimensions 238.8 cm x 58.4 cm x 63L
  • Weight 10.6 lbs / 4.8 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 200 lbs / 90 kg



Like many a master shaper Mark Raaphorst did his time and paid his dues before setting up his own repair shop. He got hooked on SUP as soon as they started to appear on Maui and he very quickly found a way to combine his knowledge of moulded technology with his new passion. Before long SIC boards were winning almost every race they entered.