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SIC Weedless 8.3"

SIC Weedless 8.3"


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SIC Weedless 8.3"

12k carbon fin


This fin is fast and can cut through any type of grass or kelp. Light weight with strength equals hi-performance.

12K Carbon Fin

Fits to the following boards:
- F14.0 (SCC+)
- X 14.0 (TWC)
- RS 12.6 x 23.5 (SCC+)
- RS 12.6 x 25.0 (SCC+)
- RS 12.6 x 27.0 (SCC+)
- RS 14.0 x 23.0 (SCC+)
- RS 14.0 x 24.5 (SCC+)
- RS 14.0 x 26.0 (SCC+)
- RS 14.0 x 28.0 (SCC+)


Like many a master shaper Mark Raaphorst did his time and paid his dues before setting up his own repair shop. He got hooked on SUP as soon as they started to appear on Maui and he very quickly found a way to combine his knowledge of moulded technology with his new passion. Before long SIC boards were winning almost every race they entered.