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Sooruz Lifevest Gilet Fifty

Sooruz Lifevest Gilet Fifty


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Sooruz Lifevest Gilet Fifty

The Soöruz FIFTY vest is a 50 newton impact vest which is very versatile. Whether you want to go wakeboarding or foiling it works perfectly. 50 newtons is a lot more buoyancy than most impact vests offer and is fast becoming regulation at cable parks. This is out go to vest when foiling!

There is also now a wingfoil harness strap which goes with the Fifty vest.

Normed 50 Newton and developed as an impact vest to have the best compromise protection/mobility.

- Ultra soft and comfortable neoprene
- Abdominal tightening strap
- Front-zip entry
- Hook loop in the back for your wing leash
- 3/4 and 19mm foam
- Less foam in the harness area
- Velcro space for the water pocket

- Recycled polyester interior fabrics
- Limestone Neoprene
- Water-based glue for the lamination of fabrics


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About Sooruz

Soöruz was created byriders for riders. Constantly innovating and adapting products to the needs of riders by following the evolution of their sports and making products in direct cooperation with them. That’s how the “Rider’s vision” concept was born. It has become the official slogan of the brand. The brand has put eco values at the core of their business and are pioneers in the development of Oysterprene.