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Surflogic Microfiber Poncho

Surflogic Microfiber Poncho


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Surflogic Microfiber Poncho

Ponchos have become an essential item in the last decade. We used to struggle with a simple towel, but those days are over. Towel ponchos can be pretty bulky however. Enter the Microfibre poncho. Super lightweight and compact, a perfect travel companion.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to travel with
  • 5 times lower volume than towel ponchos
  • Practical, ideal for changing anywhere
  • Extra absorbent, absorbs up to 4 times its own weight
  • Fast drying and easy to clean, dries up to 3 times faster than a regular poncho
  • Fabric: 80% polyester 20% polyamide
  • Colour: Blue, or Olive Green

About Surflogic

Surflogic develops high quality products which improve the day to day life of surfers and watersports lovers.

Surflogic is a family company located in the Basque Country (Spain) between the famous surfing destinations of Mundaka and Hossegor, where we develop, design and test all our products.

Surflogic, established in 2005 in the Basque Country (Spain), is the most important brand in the world in developing key security lock boxes used to keep car keys safe.

In 2018, Surflogic has developed the first wetsuit dryer able to dry your wetsuit in 20 minutes.

Surflogic develops high quality products which improve the day to day life of surfers and watersports lovers.

Surflogic is innovation, security, quality and passion.