Brand Focus: Infinity SUP

Brand Focus: Infinity SUP

Infinity have heritage. They have been building boards in Dana Point, California since 1970. The surf shop was started by Steve Boehne and has been carried on by his sons Dan and Dave Boehne. Barrie Boehne was already a World Champion tandem surfer when she married Steve, and the two of them went on to win multiple World Championships. 

Something that has set Infinity apart from many surfboard builders is their open minded approach to all water craft. They built longboards first, then when shortboards became popular they build those too. Likewise they built tandem boards, and carried on with wave skis and then stand up boards. They also shape prone boards and foil boards. 

A deep understanding of how shapes perform and a natural instinct of what works has allowed Infinity to move between all these disciplines. The same principles for shaping surfboards work for surf sups, and likewise a lot of the design work done in the early days of wave skis and tandem boards, fed into the race boards.

Dave Boehne was the one who really focused his attention on SUP. Having competed as a shortboarder and longboarder he went on to become a pioneer in the SUP space. First looking at the surf side of things, but then also race boards. These two areas have become the the pillars on which Infinity SUP has been built.


Having the shaping bay under the shop at Dana Point gave Dave the ability to churn out shapes constantly. Together with the local conditions which pretty much always deliver some kind of waves, he was able to test and develop his boards quickly. The inspiration was often taken from Steve's old shapes and brought up to date and evolved for the type of board Dave was looking to create. This has lead to some iconic models such as the New Deal performance longboard sup, the Blurr V2, and the Blackfish

Some of the biggest names in the business have chosen to ride Infinity over the years and It has never been because of the money. Being a small independent company in a space filled with big watersports groups Infinity have built a customer base thanks to their innovations and aesthetic and heritage. 

With the rise in demand for SUP Infinity had to move away from solely building custom boards and focus more on the design process, and outsource production to Asia. Where production surfboards as often seen as inferior to customs, the moulded production used for SUPs creates stronger, lighter and more durable boards than can easily be achieved with a custom. 

If you are ever in the area, be sure to go visit the Infinity store at Dana Point. Dave and the team work out of there and have a tonne of boards on display. 

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