Infinity New Deal Review

Infinity New Deal Review

The New Deal was love at first sight for us. Once we got it on the water, it just confirmed what we already thought. The balance between accessibility and performance is what captured us. The New Deal is billed as a modern high performance longboard sup. It is not just for pro riders though.


It comes in a wide array of sizes from 8' to 10' in length, and 27" to 31" in width. The narrower sizes definitely require more experienced paddlers, but the 30" and 31" models are very accessible. Those widths paddle really well and provide the stability for most intermediate paddlers to get into good waves with ease and focus on their turns. 

Infinity New Deal


The long thin outline of the New Deal means paddling in a straight line comes naturally to it. This ability to get moving quickly and pick up speed makes the board both user friendly but also capable of handling small waves and big waves equally well. It feels comfortable at speed which is important.


This is the main reason to buy a surf sup of course. Once on a wave the New Deal feels much smaller than it is thanks to the thin rails. It is fast and nimble, and this is where the high performance part comes in. It turns easily. The tail is narrow and very low volume to aid this. The stability allows you to walk up and down the length of the board without needing to be too precise. 

Another standout feature is the deck pad. The combination of different textures helps you feel your way around the board and offers great grip. Whilst a large amount of the board is covered in deck pad, it is pretty thin so you can still feel what is happening and it isn't adding too much weight.

Infinity New Deal


This board is light. For its size, it is really light. Full carbon "SUPSpension" construction takes care of this. The SUPSpension construction is all about keeping that classic surfboard flex, and not making the board too stiff and lifeless whilst maintaining the durability that carbon offers.

Infinity New Deal

The Infinity New Deal is a popular board - for good reason. It is a lot of fun. We strongly encourage anyone to grab a go on one if they get a chance. We cannot recommend it highly enough. 

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