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Appletree 9 Piece Full Deck Pad

Appletree 9 Piece Full Deck Pad


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Appletree 9 Piece Full Deck Pad

The right balance between comfort and control

Appletree 9ps full deck pad. Designed to give optimal grip in any situation. Barefoot or with boots, these pads will keep your board securely under your feet. We have tried and tested many grips and EVA formulas before finally releasing the Appletree 9ps full deck pad and we think it’s the best grip ever. It has just the right balance between comfort and control. This balance is super important when you want to feel the boards every move, but also want some damping from vibrations. Designed for kite boards, but equally at home on our surf foil boards, where that extra grip will give you a more powerful pump.

Tech details

The pads are 4mm thick medium density EVA with a grooved corduroy deck finish. It’s split into 9 pieces which can be sticked together or spaced out to match every boards outline. The middle 3 pieces are perforated to show the most of your custom board deck colour. The front and tail sections have a row of holes through the middle that perfectly match our insert spacing. So if you have an Appletree board with inserts, the pads are ready for them. The pad has the best premium 3M glue available so it will stay on your board.

For now the pads are only available in full black.

Check out the Video below for info on tips to install your deck pad correctly



About Appletree

What started in a shed on an apple tree farm in the Netherlands by two brothers has now become the leading brand for kite surf boards and foil boards. They have expanded and built a dedicated production facility in Portugal. Their secret is their proprietary 50k closed cell foam which they use in all their boards. This is light, flexible, durable and waterproof. Together with their hex skin glass or carbon finish, it makes for a bombproof board.