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Appletree Apelviken Custom Kite Surfboard

Appletree Apelviken Custom Kite Surfboard


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Appletree Apelviken Custom Kite Surfboard

The first ever kite surfboard designed from the ground up for women and lightweight riders. To provide ultimate control and performance. 

A couple of years ago team rider Catharina came to us because she could not find wave boards suited for her physique and riding style. After trying out all our board models and testing plenty of prototypes, we have come up with the Apelviken model!

It’s named after the bay in Sweden that she learned to kite at, and as it’s another great “Apple” name, it fits the line up perfectly.


Board Features

More forgiving rockerline

The rocker acceleration starts more towards the tail of the board. This makes the board more forgiving, loose and easy to turn. You don’t need to throw in a lot of body weight to turn the board as the board reacts very responsive.

The middle of the board is flatter to help pushing upwind. Combine this with the thinner rails and narrow tail and you have the recipe for a forgiving yet controllable board.  

Smaller stance

Lighter riders tend to have a smaller stance. Another nice benefit of moving the rocker to the back, is that you can ride the board better in one position. You don’t need to move a lot from the back to the front to get the most out of the board.

Whether you are riding a wave or riding upwind, this board reacts equally fine if you ride it on the tail. As most smaller riders also have shorter legs and a narrower stance, this helps to keep control. 

Snappy feel

The loose feeling of the board is balanced out with a narrow tail. This makes sure that you stay in control while enjoying this snappy feel. You can really push back on the board. This also makes the board better when the waves get bigger.

The Apelviken is not a small wave board, it’s a balanced allrounder that you can ride in most conditions. Equally fun on flat water as it is in bigger surf. 

Finally the Apelviken features grab rails in the nose, to help holding on to the board especially with smaller hands.

Unique colours

In addition to our standard colours, the Apelviken is available in two signature Apelviken colours: pastel mint and pastel purple.


Custom Options

These boards will be made on demand in the factory in Portugal and usually have a lead time of 7/8 weeks. Use our board building form to get an exact price for your custom Applino. To give you an idea of costs though here is a list of common upgrades.

  • Kite S-Glass Construction upgrade - £50
  • Kite Full Carbon Construction - £250
  • Strap inserts - £100
  • Tail dip, per colour - £50
  • Custom board colour - £100
  • Sizing other than standard - £100


About Appletree

What started in a shed on an apple tree farm in the Netherlands by two brothers has now become the leading brand for kite surf boards and foil boards. They have expanded and built a dedicated production facility in Portugal. Their secret is their proprietary 50k closed cell foam which they use in all their boards. This is light, flexible, durable and waterproof. Together with their hex skin glass or carbon finish, it makes for a bombproof board.