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Appletree Klokhouse Noseless Custom Kite Surfboard

Appletree Klokhouse Noseless Custom Kite Surfboard


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Appletree Klokhouse Noseless Custom Kite Surfboard

The Klokhouse Noseless is our most allround wave kiteboard. By removing the nose of the board, it becomes easier to throw around as there is less swing weight. Secondly, traveling is made easier as the boards will fit in most kite bags. The overall performance of the board is almost identical to the normal Klokhouse performance surfboard.

It’s like kitesurfing on your everyday surfboard. The same flex, weight and feel that everyone loves when surfing, now available in a board that can cope with the board abuse that kitesurfing brings.

Board features 

Noseless shape

It takes a bit of getting used to not seeing the pointy nose, but less weight, easy travel and a slightly looser feel make a noseless version a good option. The nose has an increased rocker to prevent it from diving.

Extra volume in the middle

The Klokhouse is based on a traditional high performance shortboard. It has that familiar feeling that you can expect from a performance surfboard. Yet it is not too “pro rider focussed”, it brings this performance feeling to the average rider as well. Partly because the board is slightly wider in the middle, it floats a bit more, helping you over those softer sections of the wave.


It has a fair bit of rocker in the nose which is flattened out in the tail. This makes the board plane earlier and helps upwind performance. The rocker in the area that actually touches the water is the same as in the normal klokhouse, making the way the board behaves feel very similar.

Medium to thin rails

Medium to thin rails make it grip the water and give you control at high speeds which are typical when kitesurfing. Grab rails in the deck make it easier to hold on to.  

Thin squash tail

The squash tail is  thin for optimal feel with the water. Hard edges release the water for added speed. 

Concave throughout

The bottom features a single concave throughout, which gives enormous drive and control.


White-line build strength

This is the standard construction for kite wave surfing. Meaning true surfing with a kite. You can do the occasional freestyle jump, but in general these boards are made for the waves. The construction consists of the normal Kite+ construction, but without the internal 3mm honeycomb. Instead there is an extra biaxial fibreglass layer under the front foot. The construction is more than strong enough for everyday use, and you will not ding the board easily. After some time slight heel dents may appear, this is considered normal, and it will not weaken the board.


This is our standard custom construction, pictured above. Suits most riders for wave and freestyle. And is therefore our standard custom strength construction. Under the front foot there’s a large patch of 3mm honeycomb inlaid in the foam core, with fibreglass underneath. The core is then wrapped by a layer of structural fibre- glass in a 45 degree orientation. A second thin flexible honeycomb layer is now layered all over the deck for more impact resistance. The Kite+ strength has the perfect balance between weight, strength and flex.

Kite+ S

The same construction as the Kite+ but with all the glass in S glass. This higher quality glass is stronger and more flexible. Because of this, we can use less fibreglass and this makes the board about 15-20% lighter.

Custom Options

For completely bespoke options on the Klokhouse Noseless please get in touch - these boards will be made on demand in the factory in Portugal and usually have a lead time of 7/8 weeks.

  • Kite S-Glass Construction upgrade - £50
  • Kite Full Carbon Construction - £250
  • Strap inserts - £100
  • Tail dip, per colour - £50
  • Custom board colour - £100
  • Sizing other than standard - £100

About Appletree

What started in a shed on an apple tree farm in the Netherlands by two brothers has now become the leading brand for kite surf boards and foil boards. They have expanded and built a dedicated production facility in Portugal. Their secret is their proprietary 50k closed cell foam which they use in all their boards. This is light, flexible, durable and waterproof. Together with their hex skin glass or carbon finish, it makes for a bombproof board.