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Appletree Skipper Downwind Foil Board

Appletree Skipper Downwind Foil Board


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Appletree Skipper Downwind Foil Board

Apple Skipper DW: downwind and light wind wing foil board

Introducing the Apple Skipper Down Wind foil board – the ultimate choice for experienced riders looking for a high-performance board in the exciting new sport of foiling! Carefully crafted with soft edges and a teardrop shape, the Skipper DW offers excellent efficiency and speed through the water. Making it remarkably efficient and easy to get onto foil lift speed. 


A must-try adventure

It is truly something you have to experience for yourself. As soon as your paddle hits the water, or your wing catches wind, you feel the acceleration in the board. Before you know it, you reach the speed that your foil starts to engage. When this happens, the transition from gliding on the board, and actual foiling is hardly noticeable, as the Skipper Down Wind releases from the surface without much drag. The same happens when you touch down, the board just skips back up, without losing speed, so you can keep up with the wave you are riding with ease. 

Choppy conditions or open ocean swells

Available in both narrow and wide versions, the Skipper DW is part of the Skipper concept of boards, with 4 boards tuned for the specific needs of each discipline. The wide version is perfect for choppier conditions with lower period swells, while the narrow, longer version is designed for speed and higher period open ocean swells. Also the Wide version is quite a bit more stable, so more suitable for beginner downwinders. Of course this extra width comes with an efficiency penalty, but it is still very fast. 

Down wind and light wind wing foiling

Looking for an ultra light wind winging experience? The Skipper DW is an amazing choice! Especially the smaller sizes and the Wide versions are also great wing boards. 

By just changing the board, you can wing in 8-10 knots using a smaller wing and faster High Aspect foil. This means you can hit the water with almost any condition and boost your water time tremendously.

The low drag design of the hull means that you can gain speed and build up the apparent wind until there is enough to engage the foil. Also, when you touchdown you hardly lose speed, so it’s easier to flow through patches of really light wind. 

Perfect for experienced riders

While the rounded bottom and narrow outline make the Skipper DW less stable, it’s perfect for experienced riders who want to take their skills to the next level. Upgrade to the Apple Skipper Down Wind foil board today and experience the ultimate ride!


Apple Skipper DW Wide Width Thickness Volume
5’7” wide 21.23” 4’9” 81.4L
5’11” wide 22.5” 4’9” 91.7L
6’3” wide 23.75” 4’9” 102.9L
6’7” wide 25.0” 4’9” 114.2L
6’11” wide 26.25” 4’9” 126

Apple Skipper DW Narrow Width Thickness Volume
6’7” narrow 17.1” 5’1” 80L
6’11” narrow 18.2” 5’1” 90L
7’3” narrow 19.3” 5’1” 100L
7’7” narrow 20.2” 5’1” 110L
7’11” narrow 21.1” 5’1” 120L


About Appletree

What started in a shed on an apple tree farm in the Netherlands by two brothers has now become the leading brand for kite surf boards and foil boards. They have expanded and built a dedicated production facility in Portugal. Their secret is their proprietary 50k closed cell foam which they use in all their boards. This is light, flexible, durable and waterproof. Together with their hex skin glass or carbon finish, it makes for a bombproof board.