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HQ Fluxx R2F

HQ Fluxx R2F


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HQ Fluxx R2F

HQ - Fluxx - Trainer Kite


Are you looking for an affordable kite to access the sport, but are not quite sure if you espouse kiteboarding or simply want to have some fun? For pilots just like you we have developed the Fluxx, with a focus on smooth and easy handling. Even if you ground the Fluxx, a relaunch with only two lines is always possible, thanks to the robust, special shape and minimalized bridle. Use your Fluxx as a trainer kite and it will open new adventures for you - be a part of our passion.


· ready to fly with lines attached for immediate launch

· stable flight characteristics

· automatic relaunch

· robust materials & construction

· perfect tool for easy access into power kiting

Technical details:

Span - 130 cm

Height - 55 cm

Sail - Ripstop Polyester

Line Set (incl.) - Dyneema 50 kp, 2 x 20 m

Bar (incl.) - Control Bar 45cm

Wind - 5 - 26 knots

Age - 16+

AR - 2.82

Weight - 0.15 kg

About HQ

Born on the shore of the North Sea, HQ4 are obsessed with making fun kites for people who are new to the sport or looking for something new to try. HQ4 has everything you need to get started, improve snowkiting, kite buggying & landboarding. We want everyone to be able to share our obsession with kite sports.